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La Fiesta de las Abejas CD & Booklet

Designing this artwork CD and Booklet was excitingly challenging. First and foremost is the actual music and genre, which was new territory for me. Two big monsters, both teachers from the National Network of Youth and Orchestras of Venezuela, the guitar player Pedro Andres Perez and the flautist Javier Montilla. I did however have total creative freedom because it started out as a pitch, which allowed me to come up with this result. While working on the artwork I focused on two terms of which I was told was key factors for the music of this duet: Listen, listen and listen to each track, read and have a lot of interviews with Pedro and Javier and have the best briefing and construct the final idea of La fiesta de las abejas. Oscar Jimenez

CD Jewel case and CD

CD Case


The booklet